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Make an online booking for your next trip with us.

A2B company provides transfers in Ukraine in executive class cars. It is a service for those who value comfort, reliability, status, as well as their time.

Intercity transfer from Kyiv or any other Ukraine city on a luxury car may be needed in different situations. It can be a business trip, an urgent meeting, or a transfer to an airport in a nearby city or on the other side of the country.

Our experienced drivers will accompany you to any city you need

For a long trip to another city to be at a high level, several factors must be considered. The professionalism of the driver is essential. He must have many years of travel experience, anticipate various situations on the road, and know how to act in unforeseen problems. Also, he must be punctual, friendly, and considerate. The A2B team employs only real professionals who have all the necessary skills and have completed extreme driving courses.

Also, cars must be in excellent technical and external condition. Our fleet contains business class cars, the characteristics of which meet the highest requirements for both comfort and safety. Car interiors are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable trip, regardless of how long the road takes.

You can order a transfer at any convenient time. We provide transfers around Ukraine around the clock, we value punctuality and understand how important it is to be in the right place at the right time. The car will be delivered to the agreed address and will take you anywhere in the country.

Our advantages


There are only experienced drivers in our staff. They have completed extreme driving courses, know the best routes, are polite and punctual.

Transparent price

The transfer service ensures that the car will be waiting for you at the address you specified. You pay for time savings, comfort, and peace of mind.

VIP car

We provide business class cars, the characteristics of which rank them as the safest and most comfortable cars in this niche.

Any point

Our drivers are well versed in the city and know the most optimal routes that will help you get to the desired point on time, even in the heaviest traffic.


You don’t need to worry about time with us. The ordered car will arrive at you as soon as possible, and the route to the address indicated by you will be laid, taking into account the traffic congestion.

Range of services

Besides standard transfer services, A2B is ready to provide other services you need that do not contradict Ukrainian legislation and ethics.

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