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      Driver with a car 500 UAH/hour
      Minimum order 1 hour
      Driver without car 400 UAH/hour
      Minimum order 1.5 hours

      Car rental with or without a driver

      Car rental with a driver is one of the most comfortable options for getting around the city. Car rental is possible both hourly and daily.

      This type of service, such as renting a driver, provides an opportunity to receive various services, such as:

      • Sober driver service;
      • Transfer driver service;
      • Driver service for your car;

      Driver rental services

      All A2B drivers are professional. They have a great driving experience, have taken extreme driving courses, know the city roads very well, are polite and punctual.
      Renting a driver provides an opportunity to receive services such as:

      • Service “sober driver”;
      • Driver service with car rental;
      • Driver service for your car;

      When you need to rent a driver with or without a car

      Having decided to order a driver rental service from A2B, you get at the disposal of a professional with many years of driving experience, who will promptly fulfill all orders within the framework of the service we have provided. Now the presence of a driver in the state is not a prerequisite. It is possible to use the services of an outstaff driver in certain situations when it is necessary.

      For example, if you have a city trip. The driver will not only take you to the desired place on time but also arrange an excursion at your request, laying a route through the sights. An important client or business partner arrives in the city, and you want to provide him with comfortable conditions? With the help of a driver rental service, you can organize a trip with the highest comfort level to your hotel, restaurant, or office.

      Our drivers will help you to be on time in matters for which you, for whatever reason, do not have enough time. For example, picking up your child from school or taking him to extra classes. Buy a gift in a specialized store and give it to the specified address. Or make a surprise for your beloved woman by bringing her a bouquet, the order for which is made in advance by the florist.

      Car delivery with a driver is available at any time of the day. Our fleet includes premium Mercedes-Benz cars with the highest level of comfort – from cars to SUVs. The catalog of vehicles available for order, as well as the rental cost, can be viewed on our website in the “Auto” section.

      Service “sober driver” in Kiev

      One of the most common driver rental services in Kyiv is the “sober driver” service, which means that a professional will take you to your desired location in your car. This service is convenient if you are a responsible driver and know that you cannot drive while intoxicated. Such a service order implies that a sober driver will arrive at the city’s desired point and take you to the address you specified. You will avoid drunk driving, and our driver will take you and your car safe and sound.
      Our company also provides an opportunity to order the “sober driver” service together with car rental. It is an excellent option if you find it difficult to entrust your car’s control to a stranger. This option will be beneficial for those who have a business meeting where alcohol is planned.

      What cars are available for rent

      The A2B car fleet consists of Mercedes-Benz VIP cars. There are cars and several models of SUVs available for selection. We care about the safety of our customers and carefully monitor the technical condition of our vehicles. Also, we monitor the performance of options that provide the required level of ride comfort. All our cars have an excellent interior and exterior condition, as well as a representative look.

      How to order a driver rental service with or without a car

      To arrange a driver rental service with or without a car, you must fill out the form on our website by going to the “Reservation” section. Enter your travel time, current location, and where you would like to go. Then choose the car that suits you and enter your contact details. After sending the application, our manager will dial you to the number you specified to discuss the trip’s conditions and issue a confirmation.
      You can also place an order by calling +380673447777 or by writing to [email protected] Our managers will help you navigate the available services and prices and decide on the choice of a car.

      Driver and car rental in Kyiv and across Ukraine

      The A2B company currently provides driver rental services with or without a car only in Kyiv. These are temporary restrictions, and we plan to expand the coverage area of ​​the service to other Ukrainian cities. To order a driver rental service in Kyiv, follow the instructions above. Our managers will definitely contact you.

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